Can Basketball Game End In A Tie?

Can Basketball Game End In A Tie?

Key Takeaway: Basketball games cannot end in a tie; if the score is tied at the end of the fourth quarter, the game proceeds to overtime until a winner emerges. Overtime quarters aim to avoid draws and determine a clear victor, with some historic NBA games having played through multiple overtimes.

Basketball is an exciting game that gives us feelings. When each team keeps banging those shots from the first to the fourth quarter, then expect a bloody fourth quarter. Every tight game gives us an exciting feeling. It feels like you have butterflies inside your stomach. 

Every time a basketball ends in a tie at the end of a quarter, we expect each team to go into a rage mode to try to outscore each other the next quarter. Even though this scenario is too tense, we still enjoy watching a tight game and wishing that every game would be like this. 

However, many people are asking if a basketball game can end in a tie? This question will be answered today to ease your curiosity. Now, if you are ready, let us begin!

Can Basketball Game End In A Tie?

The short and concise answer to this question is no. There are no records recorded in the basketball world that one basketball game ends in a tie. If the fourth quarter ends and the score of each team is still tied, then the game will proceed to overtime with extra five-minutes of play. After the extra five minutes of play and the game is still tied, then the game must proceed to another overtime or second overtime with another extra five-minutes of play. The game will always proceed into overtime until someone wins, which means that in one basketball game there could be much overtime. 

What Is Overtime In Basketball?

Overtime or extra time in basketball is an additional quarter to avoid declaring a match a tie or draw. Overtime is used if the game is tied at the end of the fourth quarter to have a clear winner of the ball game. Every basketball league around the world uses overtime to declare a winner. The overtime length is five minutes.

In basketball games, there is no limit of overtime that can happen. There could be thousands of overtime in one basketball game until someone wins the ball game. 

Longest Duration Of Game In NBA History

Below are the three long-duration NBA games in the history of the NBA. 

1. Indianapolis Olympians Vs. Rochester Royals (1950-1951) 

Final Score: 75-73 Overtime Total: 6 

The longest duration of an NBA game happened last January 6, 1951, at Edgerton Park Arena. That spectacular game was played by Indianapolis Olympians and they went against the Rochester Royals. The game had a total of six overtimes in favor of the Indianapolis Olympians. 

2. Milwaukee Bucks Vs. Seattle Supersonics (1989-1990)

Final Score: 155-154 Overtime Total: 5

The second-longest NBA game happened in Milwaukee last November 9, 1989. The total overtime that happened was a total of five overtimes with a final score of 155-154 in favor of Milwaukee Bucks. 

Statistics show that all players on both teams got a hot hand at that time. Six Milwaukee Bucks players scored 20 or more points. This game was the second recorded longest NBA game.

3. Syracuse Nationals Vs. Anderson Packers (1949-1950)

Final Score: 125-123 Overtime Total: 5

The third longest NBA game in our list happened when the Syracuse Nationals and Anderson Packers go head-to-head last 1949-1950 NBA season. There were a total of five overtimes with a final score of 125-123 in favor of the Syracuse Nationals. Both teams were on fire, hitting big clutch shots every overtime. 

Other games have reached a total of four overtimes and having four overtimes is considered long in today’s basketball era. It is rare to see an NBA game to reach five or more overtimes in today’s basketball era. Four overtimes can get a player fatigued already, but who knows? Maybe in the coming years, there will be an NBA game that will beat the record of six overtimes. 

Final Thoughts

A basketball game is exciting, and every fan wants to see a spectacular ending so that their tickets will be worth the money. Some teams finish the game in the third quarter by dumping their opponent because they do not want to give any chances to the opposing team. However, even though some basketball games do not end thrillingly, there is no doubt that basketball is indeed exciting.

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