Why Do NBA Players Smoke Cigars? The Truth!

Why Do NBA Players Smoke Cigars

NBA players smoke cigars for various reasons, with celebrations like winning a championship being a common occasion. While some players smoke daily, it is important for athletes to control their smoking habits for optimal performance and health.

Have you ever watched the NBA finals? If yes, have you finished it until game seven or until someone wins? Again, if yes, have you ever seen NBA players on a team that won a championship smoke a cigar and wonder why they smoke cigars? Let me give you a concise answer to why NBA players smoke cigars.

Why do NBA players smoke cigars? NBA players smoke cigars for different reasons. Occasions or celebrations have an impact on these reasons. For instance, they smoke cigars after winning an NBA title to celebrate their victory. If an NBA player smokes cigars daily, then it is a habit already. 

However, there is much more to learn about this topic. We are going to answer different questions that are related to why NBA players smoke cigars. Also, we are going to check various NBA players that are heavy smokers. Let’s go!

Do NBA Players Smoke Cigars?

Yes, NBA players smoke cigars. They smoke for different reasons, and occasions or celebrations have a big impact on their reasons for smoking cigars. However, some NBA players smoke cigars daily because it is already their habit.

Yes, I know that smoking cigars can cause different illnesses like cancer. I also know that smoking a cigar can weaken down your immune system and your stamina. I don’t think that NBA players should be smoking cigars daily because it affects their stamina. Smoking cigars occasionally only, like winning an NBA title, is fine. 

It is inevitable for people to smoke cigars, especially when drinking alcohol. However, for a basketball player like you, you should control yourself on smoking cigars because it might affect your performance. 

Have discipline if you want to succeed. These NBA players have enough money to pay hospital bills when they get cancer because of smoking. So don’t imitate them smoking just because they look cool when they smoke because they are wealthy enough to take any actions if their smoking habit causes negative effects on their health. 

Like I have said, there are NBA players who smoke cigars daily. These NBA players smoke cigars every day because it is already part of their habit. They used to smoke every after the game or before the game to keep them relax before the game starts. 

There are also NBA players who smoke cigars and post them on their social media accounts. Why do they do this? NBA players smoke cigars in front of the camera to show wealth. Cigars are much more expensive compared to cigarettes. Another reason why NBA players smoke cigars is to show how wealthy they are. 

Can NBA Players Smoke Cigars?

Yes! NBA players can smoke cigars, e-cigarettes, or cigarettes. However, they are not allowed to smoke marijuana because it is against the rule of the association. They are only allowed to smoke tobacco cigars or a cigarette. 

NBA players can smoke cigars. However, they are not allowed to smoke inside the court, and they are not allowed to smoke before a basketball game. NBA coaches prevent their players from smoking cigars before the game starts because it might affect their performance. 

Smokeless tobacco has been used by the NBA for decades already. We usually see them smoking cigars when they win an NBA championship, or if they are celebrating in their houses or bars. This means that NBA players are allowed to smoke cigars, but there are some limitations. 

Why Do NBA Players Smoke Cigars After Winning The NBA Championship?

Like I have said above, we often see NBA players smoke cigars after winning the NBA championship. However, why do they do this after winning the NBA championship? Is smoking cigars part of their celebration? 

NBA players smoke cigars after winning the NBA championship as part of their celebration. Cigars have been used for celebration in the early days after it was invented, and the NBA adopted it. In every sport, every victory or championship is celebrated with a victory cigar and a glass of cold splashing champagne.

Red Auerbach, the coach of the Boston Celtics in the 1950s and 1960s is the one credited as the innovator of the smoking cigars tradition in the NBA. Until today, this tradition is still used by the NBA players who have won an NBA championship, for example, Lebron James. 

Lebron James is one of the well-known NBA players who occasionally smoke cigars. He doesn’t care what other people say about his smoking, and he proudly showed his cigar passion through his social media accounts. Every time Lebron James and his team won an NBA championship, he always used to smoke a cigar as part of his celebration. 

Even the NBA players that are not that famous smoke cigars every time they won an NBA title. Like I have said, this smoking of cigars after winning an NBA title has become a tradition already. Every player on every NBA team will smoke cigars and pop up a glass of champagne after winning an NBA championship as part of their celebration.  

What Kind Of Cigars Do NBA Champions Smoke?

There are many kinds of cigars, and you wonder what kind of cigars do NBA players that have won the championship smoke? 

The type of cigar NBA players use during a championship are the limited edition Cuban cigars. This cigar is often used for special occasions and during celebrations. Most athletes that have won a championship are known to light-up smokes to commemorate the game, event, or title. They smoke and light up their cigars to celebrate their victory. 

Aside from limited edition Cuban cigars, there are other types of cigars NBA players use. However, these other cigars are not well-known like the Cuban cigars. Cuban cigars are much more expensive, and NBA players choose to use Cuban cigars and show them to the camera to show how wealthy they are. 

Does Michael Jordan Smoke Cigars?

Michael Jordan usually smokes cigars daily, especially if he is chilling at home and has no basketball game. Michael Jordan started to smoke cigars in 1991, and he stated that his cigar habit played a surprising role in his success in his NBA career. 

Jordan stated in the 2005 cigar aficionado interview that he first smoked his first cigar in 1991 when they won the NBA championship. After Jordan smokes his first cigar, it became his habit already and every time before the basketball game starts, he smokes one. 

After Michael Jordan first tried to smoke his first cigar last 1991, it became his game ritual in 1993. He used to smoke cigars to become relaxed before the game started. Jordan usually smokes his cigar while he is in his car going to the games. 

However, Jordan is conservative compared to Lebron James. Michael Jordan never shows on camera while smoking a cigar, except during an NBA championship celebration. Jordan smokes secretly and enjoys every stick of cigar he inhales. 

How Many Cigars Does Michael Jordan Smoke?

Last 2017 Cigar aficionado, his Airness said that Jordan smokes six cigars a day. It became a game ritual for Jordan, and it affects his game positively. Every time he smokes, he averages 45 plus points in a basketball game. 

Many people believed that the smoking habit of Michael Jordan played a surprising role in his NBA career success. Michael Jordan somehow agreed with it, but he said the reason why he smokes a cigar before a game is to feel relaxed and less tense. 

What Cigar Does Michael Jordan Use?

The cigar Michael Jordan used is the Partagas Lusitania Cigars. Michael Jordan has become a daily smoker since 1993. He smokes every time before a game starts or while he is on his way going to the stadium for an NBA game. Jordan first try the cigar in 1991 and got hooked in 1993 because of the good benefits of it on his performance.

Which NBA Players Were/Are Heavy Cigarette Smokers? 

Many NBA players are heavy cigarette smokers, actually, most of them are. But the famous NBA players that are heavy cigarette smokers are:

  • Michael Jordan
  • Kevin Durant
  • J.R. Smith
  • Lebron James
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Hedo Turkoglu
  • Vlade Divac
  • Chris Paul
  • Carmelo Anthony
  • Wilt Chamberlain
  • Arvydas Sabonis

Most of the NBA players are heavy cigarette smokers. They all smoke cigars or cigarettes as part of their game ritual or as part of their celebration. NBA players usually smoke cigars during a celebration after their team won an NBA championship. They smoke cigars, and they open a bottle of champagne for their celebration. This tradition was made by NBA players before and is still alive today. 

Final Thoughts 

I know it is not good for basketball players to smoke cigars because of the negative effects it on our bodies. However, some NBA players still smoke cigars even though they already know the bad effects of it because of some reason. 

Some NBA players smoke cigars daily as their game ritual, and some only smoke occasionally, especially during the celebration after they won the NBA championship. Smoking a cigar as a celebration after winning an NBA title has become a tradition in the NBA, and many players are still executing this tradition.

Do you think the NBA should continue this tradition where NBA players smoke cigars after winning the NBA championship? If yes, why? Comment your answers below! 

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