Why Do Basketball Players Walk Weird? The Real Reason Why!

Why Do Basketball Players Walk Weird

Basketball players often walk weirdly due to the foot, knee, and leg injuries they sustain from the demanding physical nature of the game. While it is challenging to prevent injuries completely, maintaining a balanced diet, regular stretching, and hitting the gym can help reduce the severity of lower body injuries in basketball.

Basketball is an exhausting game played by tough players. You can get injured at any time in the game. The injuries you will get can be severe or light. Whether it is a severe or mild injury, it will change your body and your performance on the court. 

One thing we notice from basketball players is the way they walk. Yep! Basketball players walk weirdly, and they walk like a duck. What are the things behind this weird waling basketball players make? What is the reason why basketball players walk weird? Let me give you an answer. 

Why do basketball players walk weird? Most basketball players walk weirdly because they have messed-up feet, knees, and legs. They have messed-up feet, knees, and legs because of the injuries they get during basketball practice or a game. Injuries affect the way basketball players walk.

There are many things that you can learn from this article. We are going to answer different questions that are related to our subject. Also, we will talk about the different injuries you can get from playing basketball and how you can prevent it. 

Why Do Basketball Players Have Messed Up Feet?

Basketball is a game played by lots of people around the world. Many people have played the game ever since it was invented. People are so addicted to playing the game, and many basketball addicts are ready to get injured just to play the game they love. 

One thing that is common to all basketball players is how they walk. If you have a friend, family, or colleague that is a college or professional basketball player, you will notice that they have a weird way of walking. Sometimes they look like a zombie from the walking dead when they walk. 

Like I have said in the introduction above, most basketball players walk weirdly because they have messed-up or injured feet, legs, and knees. Basketball players use their lower body every time they play. They need their lower body for running around the basketball court. But, how do these basketball players get their feet messed up?

Basketball players have messed-up feet because of the large amount of effort they put during a basketball practice or game. Like I have said, basketball players use their feet in every practice and game. This is why it is inevitable for them to get their feet crippled after performing tough work.

It is also inevitable for basketball players to get injured. When you play basketball, expect that you will get injured in some time. Injuries are part of a basketball player’s life, and it is the one that shapes the future of the player. It can shape a basketball player’s career negatively or positively. 

However, because injuries are inevitable and all basketball players will experience it sometimes doesn’t mean that we should stop trying to prevent it. We cannot hundred percent prevent injuries, but we can reduce the severeness of it. 

Just look at the feet of Lebron James below:

Why Do Basketball Players Walk Weird?
Why Do Basketball Players Walk Weird?

It looks disgusting, but it is how it is. If you want to become a better basketball player, you have to sacrifice your body. There are times that your body will change during your basketball career, especially if you play in a professional basketball league.

Why Are Lots Of NBA Players Walk Pigeon-Toed?

When you see the way NBA players walk, it looks like they walk like a pigeon. Many NBA players are walking and playing with their feet pointing inwards. Some fans think that the way NBA players walk is kinda cool. However, what is the reasons why NBA players walk pigeon-toed? Let me answer you.

Most NBA players walk pigeon-toed because they have a messed-up caused by lots of injuries. NBA players play a basketball game almost every day. When you look at their schedule, they have always had a busy week. NBA players play and practice more than resting. 

I think it is obvious why NBA players walk pigeon-toed. NBA players have lots of basketball games to play, and they have lots of practice to attend. Their knees, legs, and feet will become exhausted and can get strained. 

Why Do Basketball Players Have Skinny Legs? 

Aside from having a weird walking style, another thing that you notice on every basketball player is their skinny legs. So why do basketball players have skinny legs even though they always run on the court for hours? 

Basketball players have skinny legs because they are tall. The taller a basketball player is, the thinner their legs will be. Also, it is not true that your legs will get bigger if you play basketball. Why? Because basketball is a cardio activity, not a muscle-building activity. 

Sometimes, the legs of a basketball player are big. But because their upper body is much bigger than their legs, their big legs are not apparent. This is one of the wrong things most basketball players do. Most basketball players focused on making their bodies jacked, and they neglect their leg day. 

Legs are essential in basketball because it is the one you use when you run and jump. Like I have said in my previous article, every basketball player should not neglect their legs. They should include their leg training on their workout schedule every week. 

3 Common Lower Body Injuries That You Can Get Playing Basketball

Below are the lower body injuries that you can get playing basketball:

Foot/Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are one of the common injuries basketball players get. Basketball players use their bare feet covered with shoes when they run and jump inside the basketball court. 

Foot and ankle injuries are one of the reasons why basketball players walk weird. When a basketball player walks weird, it means that his/her feet or ankle is messed up. 

Hip/Thigh Injuries

Pivoting, rebounding, jumping, and running are the reasons why basketball players get their legs and hips crippled. Hip and thigh injuries can occur because of many movements made in one basketball game. 

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are also one of the common injuries a basketball player can get. Minor sprains and strains are the common ones. It can happen to a basketball player that doesn’t do proper stretching before the ball game starts. 

How To Prevent Lower Body Injuries In Basketball? 

You can get injured in basketball, and it is inevitable. Now that you know that you can get injured in playing, you now ask how to prevent it. Right? You really can’t prevent injuries a hundred percent. However, there are things you can do to reduce the severeness of your injuries. 

To reduce your chances of getting injured, there are three things you should do. The three things are: 

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Stretch first before playing
  • Hit the gym

When you want to reduce the chances of getting injured, you have to make sure that you eat a balanced diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Add some foods that are high in protein because protein helps your muscles get stronger.

Stretching is one of the things athletes disregard, which is the important one. Stretching is essential. You need to have proper stretching before the basketball games or before you play. Why? Because stretching keeps the muscles flexible and strong. Every basketball player must stretch before they play. Without stretching, the muscles shorten and become tight. When you don’t stretch before playing, you are more prone to injuries. 

Hitting the gym is also essential, especially for a basketball player like you. To compete inside the court, you need to have strong muscles. But how can you do that? By hitting the gym! When you hit the gym consistently, your body will get stronger and flexible. 

Final Words

I know most basketball players walk weird. However, I always try not to laugh when I see one because I have been there too. My legs always get hurt every time I play basketball, and it causes me to walk weird. 

If you are a basketball player and you are ashamed because of how you walk, you should stop being ashamed. It is usual for every basketball player to walk weird. Injuries are the main reason why basketball players walk weirdly, and it is inevitable. However, there are various things you can do to reduce the chances of getting injured.

Do you have other reasons why basketball players walk weird? If yes, comment on your answers below! 

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