Best Left Handed NBA players

Left Handed NBA players

Key Takeaway: Despite being a minority in the NBA, left-handed players like Bill Russell have left a lasting impact with their remarkable skills and achievements. Current players such as James Harden, D'Angelo Russell, Isaiah Thomas, Ben Simmons, and Mike Conley continue the legacy of excellence as influential left-handed players in the league.

There are a lot of NBA stars with interesting stats and skills. Even so, not many have mastered the art of playing basketball left-handed. If you take a look at the NBA players from both the past and the present, you will find only a handful of left handed NBA players. Just last year, there was a total of just over forty left handed NBA players.

But as people say, rarity is special, and many people stand in awe of these left handed NBA players. From Bill Russell to James Harden, have you ever wondered who the best left handed NBA players are?

Keep reading to find out all about the best left handed NBA players of all time, the best left handed NBA players who are currently dominating, and a list of all the left handed NBA players.

Best Left Handed NBA Players Of All Time 

1. Bill Russell (Boston Celtics)

Overall Stats: 963 Games

  • 14,522 Points (15.1 PPG)
  • 21,620 Rebounds (22.5 RPG)
  • 4,100 Assists (4.3 APG)

Championships and Awards:

  • 12 NBA All-Star
  • 1 NBA All-Star Game MVP
  • 5 NBA MVP
  • 3 All-NBA 1st Team
  • 8 All-NBA 2nd Team
  • 1 NBA All-Defensive 1st Team
  • 7 Top 10 PER
  • 11-times NBA Champion
  • Inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 1975.

Bill Russell was one of the greatest NBA players of all time. He was the foundation of the 1960s Boston Celtics. He has served as a player for the team from 1956–1969 and has also served as a coach to three different teams – Boston Celtics, Seattle SuperSonics, and Sacramento Kings.

One of the most significant things about Bill Russell is his concept of how the game should be played. Basketball is all about teamwork and winning. Russell emphasized on this ground notion by focusing mainly on one thing – winning. As long as somebody does end up with a ring, Russell is okay with whoever that person may be.

Bill Russell has an impressive career statistics. In the regular NBA season games, his winning percentage is an incredible 72%. He won the NBA championship 11 times. He has also had over 20 rebounds in 10 consecutive seasons and it would come as a surprise if someone manages to beat that record. Aside from his remarkable achievements, another thing that makes Bill Russell quite a legend is the fact that he is one of the few left handed NBA players.

2. Willis Reed (New York Knicks)

Overall Stats: 650 Games

  • 12,183 Points (18.7 PPG)
  • 8,414 Rebounds (12.9 RPG)
  • 1,186 Assists (1.8 APG)

Championships and Awards:

  • 7 NBA All-Star
  • 1 NBA All-Star Game MVP
  • 2 NBA Finals MVP
  • NBA Rookie of Year (1965)
  • NBA All-Rookie 1st Team
  • 1 All-NBA 1st Team
  • 4 All-NBA 2nd Team
  • 1 NBA All-Defensive 1st Team
  • 4 Top 10 PER
  • 2 NBA Championships
  • Inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 1982

Willis Reed is one of the top 50 greatest players in the history of the NBA. He has not only served as a prominent player to the New York Knicks but also coached the same, including two other teams, Creighton and New Jersey Nets.

Perhaps, the most notable feat about Willis Reed is his return to Game 7 of the NBA Finals in 1970 even after a severe accident. Despite an injured leg, Reed scored two field goals for the New York Knicks on his first two shots.

Aside from this legendary performance, there is a lot to admire about this left handed NBA player. Out of his many achievements, Reed has earned three NBA MVPs, two NBA championships, and was also the Rookie of the Year in 1965.

Best Left Handed NBA Players Today

1. James Harden (Houston Rockets)

Career Stats: 826 Games

  • 25.1 PPG
  • 5.3 RPG
  • 6.3 APG

Championships and Awards:

  • 8 NBA All-Star
  • NBA MVP (2018)
  • 5 All-NBA 1st Team
  • 1 All-NBA 3rd Team
  • NBA 6th Man of the Year (2012)
  • 2-times NBA Scoring Champion
  • 1 NBA All-Rookie 2nd Team
  • Pac-10 Player of the Year (2019)
  • 2 All-Pac-10 1st Team

One of the most popular left handed NBA players currently rocking the court is James Harden. Before joining the NBA in 2009, Harden had already earned the titles of Pac-10 Player of the Year and consensus All-American playing in the college basketball for Arizona State. So what is so great about Harden?

Because of his remarkable skills and aptitude and his offensive mastery, he is one of the highest scorers in the NBA. This garnered him the title of the best NBA shooting guard. His popularity is bolstered when he was awarded the NBA MVP in 2018. Aside from this, he has multiple awards and achievements including eight NBA All-Star.

What couldn’t we expect from this gold medalist of the FIBA World Cup and Summer Olympics?

2. D’Angelo Russell (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Career Stats: 317 Games

  • 17.6 PPG
  • 3.7 RPG
  • 5.3 APG

Championships and Awards:

  • 1 NBA All-Star (2019)
  • NBA All-Rookie 2nd Team (2016)
  • Jerry West Award (2015)
  • All-Big Ten 1st Team (2015)
  • Jordan Brand Classic (2014)

D’Angelo Russell has been in four different teams since 2015 where he started off his career with the Los Angeles Lakers as a point guard. Then he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets where he started out as a good player, although not with a promising future. But the 2018-2019 NBA season games changed everything by making the NBA All-Star Game.

Russell is a competent playmaker and passer with an exceptional ability to read the defense. He averaged 21.1 PPG with seven assists. In the previous season, he stood at the top 14 in the assists points in the NBA. What’s not to love about this NBA star? Besides he is a lefty and it’s not every day that left handed NBA players hit the court with impressive gameplay.

3. Isaiah Thomas (Washington Wizards)

Career Stats: 525 Games

  • 18.1 PPG
  • 2.5 RPG
  • 5.0 APG

Championships and Awards:

  • 2 NBA All-Star
  • 1 All-NBA 2nd Team
  • 1 NBA All-Rookie 2nd Team
  • 2 All-Pac-10 1st Team
  • 1 All-Pac-10 2nd Team
  • 2 Pac-10 Tournament MVP

At 5’9″, Washington Wizards’ point guard Isaiah Thomas might be one of the smallest left handed NBA players on the court. But all to good advantage! Despite his tiny size, he could be one of the most aggressive and offensive point guards in the NBA. He doesn’t care about the other hefty players trying to deter him but his eyes are always on the goal. He has an impressive field goal percentage of 33%.

Another advantage Thomas benefits from his small size is speed. He is born for speed and agility and to dodge and swerve around other players. No wonder he is a 2-times NBA All-Star with two Pac-10 Tournament MVPs.

4. Ben Simmons (Philadelphia 76ers)

Career Stats: 214 Games

  • 16.4 PPG
  • 8.3 RPG
  • 8.0 APG

Championships and Awards:

  • 2 NBA All-Star
  • 1 NBA All-Rookie 1st Team
  • NBA Rookie of the Year (2018)
  • Mr. Basketball USA (2015)
  • 3-times Player of the Year in 2015 (Morgan Wootten National, Naismith Prep, Gatorade National)
  • 1st Team Parade All-American

At the 2016 NBA Draft pick, Ben Simmons was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers and has remained one of the Sixers throughout. He plays the position of both forward and point guard. Simmons has two distinct abilities that make him one of the greatest left handed NBA players in the current scenario – agility and strength. Although the NBA elite has a stronger and bigger physique than most point guards, his agility and speed are what make him the ideal point-forward. In addition to these two abilities, the fact that he is a left handed NBA player makes his gameplay somehow unpredictable, making it impossible to defend.  

Ben Simmons is a 2-times NBA All-Star and the 2018 NBA Rookie of the Year. Before joining the NBA, Simmons was honored with the title Mr. Basketball USA in 2015, aside from several other achievements.

5. Mike Conley (Utah Jazz)

Career Stats: 829 Games

  • 14.8 PPG
  • 3.0 RPG
  • 5.7 APG

Championships and Awards:

  • NBA H.O.R.S.E Champion
  • 1 NBA All-Defensive 2nd Team
  • 3 NBA Sportsmanship Award
  • 1st Team All-Big Ten (2007)
  • 3rd Team Parade All-American
  • NBA Teammate of the Year (2019)

Point guard Mike Conley joined the NBA in 2007 as the fourth draft pick by the Memphis Grizzlies. For more than two decades, he played for the Grizzlies for 12 seasons and led the team to win more than 400 games with seven straight playoff appearances. In 2019, he was traded to the Utah Jazz. He is the top scorer of the team. Conley is also the first NBA player to win the NBA H.O.R.S.E Challenge in 2020. The left handed NBA player has won three NBA Sportsmanship Awards among others, which only shows how great a player had is.

Best Left Handed NBA Players (Future)

Zion Williamson

Left Handed NBA players

Zion Williamson has been a very good player when he was still in college and now in the NBA, he shows what a 19-year old guy can do inside the court. He is the future of the NBA and I can see how good a player he is and what he can improve. 

As of now he managed to average 22.3PPG with a 57% Field goal and 6.4 rebounds per game. For a young fella like him that is impressive.

List of all Left Handed NBA Players 

1. Bill Russell

2. David Robinson

3. Bob Lanier

4. James Harden

5. Nate Archibald

6. Artis Gilmore

7. Chris Bosh

8. Lenny Wilkens

9. Gail Goodrich

10. Billy Cunningham

11. Chris Mullin

12. Dave Cowens

13. Manu Ginobili

14. Willis Reed

15. Isaiah Thomas

16. Dick Barnett

17. Derrick Coleman

18. Lamar Odom

19. DeAndre Jordan

20. Tayshaun Prince

21. Zach Randolph

22. Michael Redd

23. Jalen Rose

24. Mark Eaton

25. Kenny Anderson

26. Nick Van Exel

27. Mike Conley

28. Ben Simmons

29. Toni Kukoc

30. Goran Dragic

31. David Lee

32. Anthony Mason

33. Avery Johnson

34. Brandon Jennings

35. Derek Fisher

36. Chris Gatling

37. Greg Monroe

38. Raef LaFrentz

39. Sam Perkins

40. Damon Stoudamire

41. Josh Smith

42. D’Angelo Russell

43. Tristan Thompson

44. Thaddeus Young

45. Julius Randle

46. Johnny Green

47. Cuttino Mobley

48. Stacey Augmon

49. Phil Jackson

50. Morris Peterson


No matter which game you are watching, if you see left handed NBA players in action, you will be able to witness the game from a unique point of view. The actions and movements of a lefty usually deliver uncommon gameplay that is quite intriguing to watch. Don’t miss out on the games of these legends the next time they hit the court.

Did we missed some best left handed NBA players in the list? Please let us know in the comments below!

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