Does Playing Basketball Affect Bodybuilding?

Does Playing Basketball Affect Bodybuilding

Basketball players train a lot per week. They have different workout programs per day. They have time for lifting, they have time for practicing basketball, and they have time for their rest day.  Lifting weights is essential for basketball players because it will make their muscles stronger. However, some basketball players don’t lift any weights […]

What Is The Difference Between A Center And Power Forward?

What Is The Difference Between A Center And Power Forward

In basketball, there are a total of five positions. Each position has its own purpose, strengths, weaknesses, and skills. The five basketball positions are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center.  The point guard is the one who handles the ball and the coach on the court. The shooting guard is the […]

Who Gets The Ball At The Start Of Each Quarter In Basketball?

Who Gets The Ball At The Start Of Each Quarter In Basketball

As a fan of basketball, you want to know everything about basketball. You are curious about the rules and violations, how the game is played, and how to be a better basketball player. But have you ever thought which of the two basketball teams that contend gets the ball at the start of each quarter? […]

Why Do Basketball Players Lick Their Fingers?

Why Do Basketball Players Lick Their Fingers

There are many things basketball players do on the court. They do many pre-game and in-game rituals, like punching the pad below the rim, hanging on the rim, dancing, and many more! One of the craziest things basketball players do during basketball games is licking their fingers or hands. Why do they do this? Let’s […]

Why Do NBA Players Wait To Be Helped Up When They Fall? The Truth!

why do nba players wait to be helped up

In one NBA game, there will be lots of players from both teams who will fall during the game. They fall because of various physical plays. Falling in basketball games is normal because it is a physical sport. It is inevitable to have contact with other players on the court.  However, even though a player […]