The Top 7 Best Ankle Braces For Basketball Players

best ankle braces basketball

Basketball players are highly prone to ankle injuries. High-speed cross-court movement, a sudden change in direction while not reducing the speed, jumping great heights, landing on a hard surface, and constant collisions with other players led to a high risk of an ankle injury. Most injuries are caused by awkward landing after a jump for […]

How Much Is The Salary Of A NBA Cheerleader?

NBA cheerleader salary

When fans attend to watch an NBA game, during halftime or time out, they see the beautiful young ladies with makeup dancing and smiling to entertain the crowd. Yes, they may seem to have a good salary because they are stepping on to the court like the players, but the fact is they don’t really […]

Which Player and Team Has the Most NBA Championship Rings?

nba player with most rings

Every basketball player’s dream is to play in the NBA and win an NBA title. Even if you ask every college basketball player that has the potential of going into the NBA on what their career goal is, they will surely tell you that they like to win an NBA championship. If you are lucky […]

7 Best Outdoor Basketballs

Best Outdoor Basketball

Basketball is a sport that you can play both indoors and outdoors. Only the players will understand the dynamics of playing in two different environments. To correctly shoot a hoop outdoors, you only need the best outdoor basketball in hand. An indoor basketball that feels right indoors may not perform the same outdoors. There are […]

How To Clean A Basketball

how to clean basketball

A few years back, David Stern, the visionary NBA commission, took part in a panel discussion in Davos. The discussion was revolving around the topic – “can a ball change the world?” Indeed, that’s asking too much of a ball! Well, if that ‘ball’ is the basket one, undoubtedly, it can, and it has changed […]

How To Palm A Basketball?

how to palm a basketball

While watching a professional basketball match, you’ll notice players grasping a basketball with only one hand. Mostly in an attempt to outplay someone, stage a pass, or slam a deadly dunk on the rival’s net. This ability is known as ‘palming a basketball’. NBA participants frequently use this strategy to gain further command over the ball. But is palming a basketball as easy […]

What Is An “And One” In Basketball?

and one basketball

If you watch a basketball game, you will hear the phrase “and one” very often, but most fans are still unaware of the literal meaning of this phrase. The “and one” is useful for a team on various occasions, and through and one a team can easily get a boost in terms of points when […]

What Is The Restricted Area In Basketball?

Restricted Area Basketball

Have you ever heard of a game with no rules? Most probably, the answer would be No! Because games come with a different set of rules and just like other games, basketball also has a bunch of rules. One such rule is “the restricted area” rule, which is also referred to as the “restricted area […]